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MOSIS is interested in “civic space”, the junction between an individual and a city and the relation of both with, art, urbanism, law and architecture.

Public art had made an effort to connect art with the city but is not aware of its mistake: to consider the cities as physical space. Public art is art located in outdoor urban space but should be art that enters into the city everyday life. Often, public art is inserted solely in urban space without being part of the real life of the city. As a result public art might result into something odd that keeps a hierarchical relation with the public.

What are you talking about? Can you give me an example?
The architecture of the new MoMA, with its Atrium and outdoor-like interiors, resembles “the architecture of the Mall”. The location of art in MoMA follows the same logic that department stores use for the classification of objects: materials, techniques, uses. (Four Floor: Painting and sculpture; Six Floor: Special exhibitions -often the opportunities section.) Just as Bloomingdale’s offers a Discover India display, MoMA currently has a “New Architecture in Spain” exhibit. Ideologically MoMA, like a mall, celebrates exhibitions in a very playful way (New Architecture in Spain is one example, SAFE: Design Takes on Risk is another). The mall’s principle is to give the buyer something extra, something in addition to the product bought: the lure of the display. The idea of “an extra” is embedded in Art Malls, such MoMA, the museum goer not only get entertainment, but acquires culture. The culture of the mall supersedes culture. MoMA is a model of - and support for - the phenomenon of the suburbanization of cities by Modern Malls of Art.

Taking a prototypical art center as an example gives taste of how it model and its system are identified. A vacation cruise: offers multiple activities for a constant interaction of a group of people who are traveling in isolation touching earth only for controlled excursions without entering in contact with the local reality. An example of a model for art centers is a vacation cruise. Like the cruise the art center runs on a trajectory linked without touching the city like two parallel lines that never converge.
The system of art is post-industrial: the center, the production, the piece, a military charged language… Run by separation: the piece, a part of a machine, the project, an art methodology imported form architecture, that separate the creative process in conception and construction. The beginning of art is related to ambiguity and reflection (Perseus with the Gorgan using his shield as a mirror).