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ADVA- Video Art Archive and digitalization of obsolete formats

What is ADVA?

ADVA is a service in Madrid for video artists to transfer obsolete video formats such as Betamax, Umatic or video 8 to digital video. The digitalization allows one to archive their video and an online-store lets customers download the videos at the price set by the artist or view and online portfolio of the artist.

ADVA is a collaboration between Fundación MOSIS with Simon Lund which focuses on the conservation of audiovisual material. The differences with the existent labs are in the price, ADVA’s prices are bellow market prices (aprox. 40%) and the treatment, that is friendly and open; the person in charge of the technical part is a film restoration and also an artist. ADVA´s primary objective is to transfer obsolete formats to prevent video art pieces from dissapearing.

The ADVA System
ADVA is also and archive. A second copy of the videos that artists transfer is kept at Fundación MOSIS, Modelos y Sistemas; Arte y Ciudad ( forming, a Spanish video art archive by default. The artists kept all author rights and copy rights over the material as well as access to the archive if they ever need a new copy of their work. There is no guarantee of how long we will be able to maintain the archive but the second copy adds a level of security to the work.

We have created a simple form with the information we need to have from each video. The artist fills this out and is entered into ADVA’s database that will be stored together with the disk once the video has been digitalize with our system.

In addition, ADVA is a platform to show and sell video-art.We believe that this work should also be seen so we offer a online store and gallery where people can view the work if the artist chooses or pay to download it in a quality comparable to a DVD and 70% of the sales go to the artist and 30% to ADVA to cover the costs of maintenance and administration. ADVA also offers editorial, titling and DVD and Bluray mastering services at 25 euros per hour.