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As a Think-Tank, MOSIS studies existent models and systems and creates originals concepts, which are the base to construct new ones. To create models and systems is important to be able to identify what they are. A model is the shape that an idea takes becoming a point of reference; a system is a group of elements and relations.

As a resolution office, MOSIS translate concept into initiatives; goes from the abstract to something manageable, translates ideas of theoretical structures into concrete forms that are launched as prototypes in conjunction with art centers, museums, municipalities, civic centers and other entities that could later on integrate them into their programs. As a result, the ideas will arrive to the general public and will reach city planners and government policy makers.

MOSIS is a translator, between thoughts and actions, between reality and government policies, between intentions and facts. To clarify, MOSIS is not an art center, or a cultural production company, or an alternative space, or an architecture office, or an art project but at the same time work with all these entities. The focus of MOSIS is designing systems rather than objects.