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Support Service for Cultural Exchanges

In 2010 we started a festival in New York, and so we realized how difficult it was to find a good English translator, a technician for a media installation, a printing house, public relations to advertise our event, in a short time and with a limited budget. One of the partners of the Foundation, lives in New York and coordinates this service, her name is Jana Leo. You can contact her at 347 4061913 or send an e-mail to for information and prices.

Are you in New York and going to present a project or a product and need help with translation, or advertisement?

When you are not in your place, to find the resources you need is not easy, so we offer in one place several services that are normally required for the production of an event or presentation of a project:

-Translation to English (press release or other material)


-Promotional video clips

-Recording services: A professional video recording or photographs of your event

-Interpreter, accompanying you to meetings or public presentation

-Adaptation of icons and images for the USA


-Distribution of posters and postcards

-Support workers for reception events

You can obtain all the services you need for your event with us with a single contract, which simplifies communication and saves you time and money. We do the coordination of professionals and local services (translation, interpreter, communication, advertising, printing, etc...) and we supervise every step. Most of the services we do ourselves.

Being a Spanish foundation, under the protectorate of the Ministry of Culture

you make sure that we are reliable, we act with rigor, our accounts and activities are public. Also beings based in Madrid, the billing can be done in Spain which may be suitable for you for accounting and tax purposes.

The MOSIS Foundation, Models and Systems: Art and City, specializes in creating systems that facilitate access to culture and encourage personal exchange. As a foundation we have a not for profit activities and commercial services such as this one.

This service is though for Spaniards comings to New York to do a presentation, or for Hispanics (due similarities in language and culture) but many of the services are available for anybody who wants to contract at once the production of one event.