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2013 Edition

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 YANS & RETO-Young And Not Stupid & Radical Even Though Old

A festival conceived by Jana Leo,
co-organized and co-produced by MOSIS Foundation
and Spain Culture New York-Consulate General of Spain
At Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue (F and M to 2nd Avenue) New York
Sunday October 6, 2013 at 7:30 pm

ACTION FEST: “7 minutes or less” performances, actions, short films, videos, objects of text, readings, proclamations, comedy, songs etc… by artists and intellectuals over sixty and under thirty.

Within the frame of two hours and in a theater, the Anthology Film Archive, YANS & RETO is an assembly of people engaged in contemporary culture who, regardless of their disciplines, have in common a taste for radicalism and experimental creation.

Inspired by the social atmosphere of porno cinemas and in the tradition of cabaret, YANS & RETO is a one-night festival of action art by artists over sixty and under thirty. The artists present themselves through short (under seven minute) performance or video pieces, creating energetic, inter-generational encounters.

YANS & RETO is a one-night festival where artists and intellectuals get introduced to each other by giving a taste of what they do, either with short intense pieces or with quiet interventions that last for the whole two hours. Pieces will be directed in a way that layers intensity of each individual action to create a single piece for the night. YANS & RETO is against ferocious nonsensical competition among artists. 

Open Call

YANS AND RETO 2013 Money, money, money….! A night to stand up and bite the hands of your owner…. Nothing is more brutal than money.

Early in the morning men standing in the streets waiting to be chosen to work that day, non-specialized labor. Like them, artists wait to be selected by art centers, by curators.

Dog fight, a ferocious competition among artists. Caged in their studios for days, the doors open, a piece of meat is flying in the air… artists jump, salute, dance none stop, hoping to get something. Badly hurt dogs have no energy to bite the hands of their owners. I didn´t come to New York to be a dog, neither you did. A provocation to dogs, I walk around with raw meat legs.

Be brutal as the situation; please submit a proposal for a performance, dance, theater piece, song, or reading… No fee to submit. No promise to take your piece. …I can give you anything but hope…. performances that deals in extreme ways with money and work will be acepted

Registration by September 10 at

To register, download the 2013 registration form, fill it out, save it as PDF or print/scan and send it to

Any questions: e-mail:

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