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La ciudad está sufriendo una tansformación dramática. Uno, documentamos la transformación a la vez que ocurre y dos, ofrecemos una explicación filosófica de este cambio en el contexto de la cultura en la que ocurre. Este tipo de transformación ocurre todo el tiempo y en cada ciudad pero en diferentes formas. Fui parte de ese cambio cuando era niña en Madrid en 1971 y lo fui de nuevo en  Nueva York en 1999.

The city is undergoing a dramatic transformation. One, we document the transformation while it is happening and. Two, we offers a philosophical explanation of the change in the context of culture. This kind of change hapens all the time in different forms in every city. It happened around me when I was a kid in Madrid in 1972; it happened in New York in 1999.

Engaging with public audience: A T-SHIRT; A SHOW; A BOOK

A BOOK. The project consists in two separates items: a collections of photographs and a series of essays. The book will start with photos alone and then the texts. These two tracks run in parallel. The first part "Why Condo," a philosophical explanation of the condominium, will be represented by pictures taking with a panoramic camera, documenting before and after of significant areas of New York where transformation have happened, such as Times Square, Williamsburg and the Meat Market District. The second part "What is behind current developments?," will be complemented with a selection of pictures of lots in different phases of transformation: a parking lot will become a condo, the hole for the foundation of the building, the actual construction and finally the building. These photographs will be also in black and white but in more detail taken with a 8x10 camera. The book will be approximately 120 pages long. A SHOW: The pictures that will be printed in the book will be on show at the Van Allen Institute. A T-SHIRT: "I Condo NY" will be printed on T-shirts and packaged to go with the book and exhibited in the show.

The BOOK:  WHY CONDO, A document of a dramatic transformation in New York City


A T-SHIRT: "I Condo NY"