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The MOSIS Foundation- MOdels and SYStems is a base for thought, research and proposal (think-tank) and resolution office (a consultancy) dedicated to city and art and the relationship of both with the individual. Working from the structure, The MOSIS Foundation translates concepts to initiatives.

Among the aims for the foundation are: To insist on the city's function as a place for human relations and the function of art as a vehicle for communicating. To trace "civic gaps" and to detect "system failures" in the everyday city life. To promote innovation by resisting the inertia of reusing already existing models. To show the repercussion of a model or a system within everyday life. To imagine and design new worlds.

The mission of the think-tank at MOSIS foundation is the creation of advanced policies on civic issues, public space and culture, on the city. By developing concepts that place us in the future, as if the new vision of reality was already in effect our daily routines are affected. Change is in the constant exercise between small and large, the concrete and the abstract, the actual and the desired.

The mission of the resolution office at the MOSIS Foundation is to revitalize the experience of art and city through tailor-made programs based on original models and indomitable systems, which increases the value of businesses and art centers while taking care of the integrity of the meaning of art and making it understandable.

The MOSIS Foundation offers critical analysis with observations and counter-proposals; develops concepts creating the mind set to change the reality; conducts researches through sociological experiments and art projects that imagine the situation as if the new concepts have been already applied; etc... MOSIS acts as a satellite; translating ideas of theoretical structures into concrete forms that are launched as prototypes in conjunction with art centers, museums, municipalities, coalitions, civic centers and other entities that could later on integrate them into their programs. As a result, the ideas will arrive to the general public and will reach city planners and government policy makers.

Coming from the understanding of art as a source of knowledge and progress, the reflection from a culture and a referent for human essence, and in an effort to have art present in everyday life, MOSIS Foundation applies art strategies to other professional and living practices. Different from an art center or a museum that works with and about art pieces, the MOSIS Foundation works with the intangible of art, its methods. In this sense MOSIS is a conceptual-activist art project, an agent of the immaterial and an office on the intangible on urban studies. On the other hand, in the spirit of stating the value of art and the consideration of the artists, the MOSIS Foundation works on proposals for new cultural policies and makes actions that underlines the practice of art as a profession, a work and not a hobby.

The MOSIS Foundation started from the premise that cities and especially the public space in them, have the potential to be the center for human exchange and intellectual progress, but they will not be if they follow a limiting model that consider only the factual elements and keeps a distance from reality. In Art, it is new models and not new places that are missing. The focus is building models in which art has an existential and not only a social function.

Based in Madrid and registered as a cultural foundation since 2008.






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