Artist work unpaid

By Jana Leo

Los artistas trabajan sin cobrar

Últimamente, es habitual  pedir a los artistas que trabajen gratis. Prácticas similares ocurren cuando hay una oferta alta sin apenas demanda y cuando los trabajadores no tienen elección. “A los Artistas se les pide que trabajen gratis” . Esto no es propiamente un trabajo de voluntariado, ya que un tercero obtiene beneficio. Tampoco es un concurso  ya que no hay premio en metálico. Esta práctica implica una competición feroz entre los artistas y una frustración constante: el burro sigue recto pero no hay zanahoria. Un ejemplo: Me llegó a mi e-mail, una convocatoria llamada: “Exchange Radical Moments”. Primero mandé un e-mail a la dirección de la convocatoria y después a la Unión Europea cuyo logo aparecía en el anuncio.

It is now a common practice to ask artist to work for free.  Similar practices take place in situations in which there is high offer and low demand and when workers have no choice. Often “Artist asked to work for free” is not volunteering work, because  a third party get profit; it is not a competition because there is no cash price offered. This practice involves ferocious competition among artists and constant frustration.  The donkey is moving but there is no carrot in front. Here an example: ‘Exchange Radical Moments’ A festival.  I got an open call in my e-mail box.  I followed up, first replying to the e-mail and after contacting the European Union which logo was placed in the call.

Documentación proporcionada:

A variety of Live Art projects will be created and put into action in 11 European cities, by more than 30 participating international artists.We look forward to all ideas, concepts and project initiatives dedicated to social engagement, social processes of transformation,…. We want to share with all involved parties and participants—

———————-June 11 2010

To:jana leo <>


> I send my ideas and what do I get in exchange?

At least mention (name, country) in one of our 3 festival magazines. Selected projects will get funding too.

> >the setting of this picture is the eisenman’s monument to the death jews, why choosing this picture?

Because it´s a great moment in this picture, the frozen moment in the movement of the girl (she was actually playing tag with other children…

the man in the background and the tower crane … the whole scenery shows somehow Europe facing history an past.

Gerald -Project Manager – EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS! Live Art Festival DIE FABRIKANTEN Promenade 15 A-4020 Linz – Austria EU Fon +43 (0)732 795 684 –0 Fax – 40  Cell +43 (0)699 15404206

———————-June 12 2010
Complain about the practice of one project that have your logo in the blog

Dear Person: recently I got an “open call” to EXCHANGE RADICAL MOMENTS. I am writing to you because your logo was in the blog and in the add. This open call appears to me exploitative to the artists’s rights and disrespectful in its use of images loaded with historical implications.

I am attaching conversation by e-mail.
I am asking you to review the practices around this open call.

Thank you for being respectful to the work of the artists and the icons of historical memory

Jana Leo

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